Boy meets girl song eminem

Edit "SOS" was written by J.

Boy meets girl song eminem

Sounds like what should be in the background was fighting the people who should be in the forefront. Other than that, I thought it was a pretty good track. Also, if u watched any of the interviews or clips from rapfix live u would know that they just had fun with the album and it was really easy to make.

THUS — this is the result, they just flow to the beat and rap about whatever the fuck they want. They will get dropped by next year by Warner Bros.

They def are dissapointed with that weak shit!!!! RealRap understand that they went in the studio and just fucked around with it. Rainman Flows dreaded like some fucking tangled hair rastafarian, Jamaican, relax, man. Em is a beast on the mic but the music he is making as of late is atrocious.

Boy meets girl song eminem

The way he is screaming means his flow is being harboured. The singing too sounds like fingers being run dun a black board. The similes and metaphors are too overstated and everything seems too manufactured.

Why not make songs like the way he performs when he goes on Westwood. Really disappointing from such an incredible mc. If only he maximised his skill set and put out the right music to match it.

Royce is superb too and the two should be producing better music than this.

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This is abysmal at best. Fast Lane was dope, but this was just ehh, the beat is subpar and the hook is annoying. Remaining optimistic for the other 7 songs though DJ Game eh. When I read the comments its like u guys r like 12 years old.

This song is dope. Go listen 2 Gucci or waka. If this album was done in like it would have been way more dope.

They are both still lyrical monsters. Get on the Computer and Hate on everything. Do me a Favor: Shut the Fuc UP!!May 27,  · New Music: Bad Meets Evil “I’m On Everything” New Music: Bad Meets Evil “I’m On Everything” | AllureVision() Its just a song that eminem flowed on.

no meaning at all.

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listen to how dumb some of the lines are. the entire point is to show that he can flow still. it reminds me of Rain Man off Encore. Its jsut sick to. I’ve been on the fence about Mehreen Jabbar’s Dobara Phir Se..

The film is a boy (Adeel Husain)-meets-girl (Hareem Farooq) story, but it isn't really as simple as that. A remastering of Boy Meets Girl and their first album, originally released , but still worth listen to.

George Merrill and Shannon Rubicam is the couple who become the group Boy Meets Girl. 10 track who take me back to the golden years of the 80;s, you got the typical sound from those years and you gonna feel a bit nostalgic $ Eminem ft bow wow and drake -boy meets girl at Lompoc California.

Boy meets girl song eminem

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