Chapter 13 apush assignment

Due Monday, April Chapter 40 questions 1. What factors weakened Jimmy Carter in the election of ?

Chapter 13 apush assignment

Answer fully, specifically, and in your own words. Answers must be handwritten. That means put the dates next to events! Who were the real leaders of the Whig Party? How did they view Harrison, and why? Why did John Tyler become a Whig? Why had he been placed on the ticket?

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How did Tyler become president? What stance did he take toward many Whig programs, especially the independent treasury system and tariffs? What happened to his cabinet, and why?

Why did Whigs support tariffs we have talked about this before in the chapter on Jackson? What did the Tariff of do to tariff rates? How did American economic expansion lead to resentment of Britain?

Chapter 13 apush assignment

Explain how specific events Canadian insurrection, the Caroline affair, the McLeod affair, the Creole affair, Aroostook War, Oregon joint resolution, etc. What was the purpose of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, and what were its effects? How and why did the British interfere in Texas? What about the French?

What role did cotton play? Explain how Texas was eventually annexed. Which president actually oversaw the annexation, and how? What effect did that have on American relations with Mexico?

Why were abolitionists opposed to annexation I have already explained this—remember? Exactly what were the original boundaries of the Oregon Country? How many countries had originally had claims in this area? What were the British and American claims based upon?

How did missionaries influence America claims? What group most supported annexation of the entire Oregon country, and why?

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Why was James K. What were his positives? What was the specific Democratic platform that year? Why was Polk willing to accept the 49th parallel offer from Britain regarding the Oregon country? Why were the British willing to deal?

What role did California and Texas play in our tensions with Mexico? What were the specific grips between our two countries? What was John Slidell supposed to do?

How exactly did Polk force a showdown with Mexico? Why exactly did we go to war? How did slavery influence Mexican actions? What did the Wilmot Proviso attempt to do?

Summarize the roles that each of these military men played in the war with Mexico: Fremont, and Winfield Scott.

What were the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe- Hidalgo? How did Nicholas Trist make the negotiations much more interesting? What were the specific effects of the Mexican War?Chapter The Impending Crisis. I. Looking Westward. A. Manifest Destiny. America was destined, by God, to expand its boundaries over the continent of North America.

Many arguments for expansion was an explicitly racial justification. Page 1 of 4 AP chem Chapter 13 Assignment AP Chemistry Chapter 13 Assignment Part I – Multiple Choice HgO(s) + H2 O ⇄ HgI 4 2– + 2 OH– Consider the equilibrium above.

Assignment Name 1 Who were Chapter 13 Ap Bio Questions and Study Guide Quizlet November 15th, - Start studying Chapter 13 Ap Bio AP Biology Chapter 12 Guided Reading Assignment 35 terms AP Biology Chapter 14 42 terms Ap Biology Chapter 7 Guided Reading Assignment Answers.

AP U.S. History Summer Assignment Overview: 1) Join the APUSH Summer Assignment Group on Edmodo. The code to join is: 82g9mp SECTION 2 Guided Reading, pp As you read the chapter, jot down your notes in the middle column.

Consider your notes to be elaborations on the Objectives and Main Ideas presented in the left. APUSH Review APGOV Writing in APUSH Contact Mr. Jocz Support Jocz Productions Chapter 13 Assignment. Chapter 13 Review Video. Chapter 13 Notes. 1.) Watch Chapter 13 Review video.

Annotate slides (Recommended by 10/09/18) 2.) Read & Take notes on Chapter 13 in . Congratulations on your decision to take Advanced Placement US History. This course is a comprehensive study of American History, dating from Pre­Columbian civilizations to today.


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