Home based bookkeeping business plan

This might be one of the best decisions you ever make as you consider your own respectable, home-based business.

Home based bookkeeping business plan

If you have a college degree in business, accounting, or mathematics, if you've balanced the books for a family business, or if you've worked as a store manager — you probably have a good foundation to work from home as a bookkeeper.

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Not sure how to get started? Try this FREE online bookkeeping training resource: Most bookkeeper training courses including this one can be completed within a few days, and some include training on accounting software such as Quicken, Xero, Sage 50 formerly known as Peachtree Accounting or QuickBooks.

For an example of a successful home bookkeeping business, read about Callie Sitek owner of TheSmartKeep.

home based bookkeeping business plan

To get started, check out this free online Bookkeeper Business Blueprint. How Much Do Bookkeepers Make? The number of hours varies by business.

When it comes to working as a bookkeeper from home, there are a few options.


If you have experience, it might be worth it to reach out to your contacts from your previous job to see if they or any of their clients are looking for someone to help with their books. You can also check local listings for bookkeeping services, many of which are looking for remote bookkeepers on a consulting basis.

Here are a few places to find virtual bookkeeping work:The Sorcerer's Accountant accounting and bookkeeping business plan executive summary.

home based bookkeeping business plan

The Sorcerer's Accountant is an existing one-person accounting and tax preparation service, planning to expand by adding bookkeeping services. "Accounting & Bookkeeping for Everyone" is a course that covers the fundamentals of accounting with the newcomer in mind.

Accounting is more than just memorizing terms and procedures; it's a whole new way of thinking about finances. This course assumes students have no prior knowledge about. The Ultimate Guide for Success in the World’s #1 Most Profitable Business.

Want to know the ins and outs of starting a bookkeeping business? This might be one of the best decisions you ever make as you consider your own respectable, home-based business.

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Business accounting and bookkeeping refers to the act of systematically recording, verifying and reporting business transactions such . HOW TO SET UP A BOOKKEEPING SERVICE: According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, seventy-five percent of all Canadian businesses employ less than five people and ninety-five percent of all businesses have less than fifty people.

Using a Computer to Achieve Home-Based Success. The computer is a home-based business owner’s “Great Equalizer”, the tool that allows someone to work from home, that allows one to be a contender in the business world.

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