Marketing promotion of new product gucci new

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Marketing promotion of new product gucci new

Let us start the Gucci Marketing Mix: Gucci is one of the top most luxury fashion brands well known globally. Gucci has a diverse product portfolio in its marketing mix with great length, width and depth. Gucci product line ranges from handbags, shoes, ready to wear products, jewelry, watches and other accessories.

It has products for men, women and children. It has great length in each of the product category. In handbags it has totes, shoulder bags, backpacks, clutches, crossbody bags etc. Each bag has different variety of colors to choose from.

Gucci have duffle bags, briefcases, portfolios, totes and backpacks for men.

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In their ready to wear segment they have jackets and coats, denims, leather and fur, skirts, tops and shirts, pants and shorts, sweaters and cardigans, sweatshirts, T-shirts and suits for men.

Gucci have a range of fancy shoes for women like pumps, sandals, ballerinas, moccasins and loafers, slides and mules, boots and wedges. For men they offer laceups, boots, sneakers, sandals, loafers.

Some of the loafers are made from precious skin. Gucci offer accessories like sunglasses, belts, scarves, luggage bags, wallet, hats, gloves etc.

Marketing promotion of new product gucci new

Gucci also has beauty products ranging from fragrances to nail paints, eye and face makeup. In the children section one can find clothes and shoes for new born and grownups of age Gucci mostly offers premium priced products.


The price of the apparels depends on the quality of fabric and the work done on the apparels. The pricing strategy in its marketing mix includes all sort of charges and expenses it incurs. When the products are exported the rate of the products increases due to several charges imposed on them.

The materials used in making of Gucci products are of premium quality therefore the pricing of the products are also high. Their finished goods have a made in Italy trademark on them.

Their prestigious pricing makes the product act as a status symbol. Even in other products Gucci follows premium pricing. Gucci tries to offer discounts time to time to enhance sales and keep their loyal customers happy.

Gucci is optimizing its existing network to drive organic growth and profits. Its major business functions are merchandising, marketing and communication, store planning.

Gucci have limited no. Their stores are placed in expensive up street locations keeping in mind their clientele. They have visually appealing outlets which give a great, relaxing experience to the customers. Each Gucci store is uniquely designed and have classic interiors.

The services provided by the employees make the customers feel special and exclusive. Gucci makes itself visible through advertisements, banners, look books, social and print media as a part of its marketing mix.The effects of the new trend in hotel design.

Benny Paul Joseph & Jason Wu. BSc Students, HTMi Switzerland. Introduction. As globalization continues with the forever changing lifestyle of the travelers, there is an urge for designers to have new innovations of hotel designs for hoteliers to succeed in a highly competitive market.

While a quality product and positive word of mouth go a long way in the world of fragrances, few new perfumes succeed without promotion. You must attract consumers’ attention in a way that will motivate them to try – and, hopefully, buy – your new perfume.

The Marketing mix of Gucci gives the reasons that the brand (and its high-quality products) are the leading brand names dealing in luxury items.

Marketing promotion of new product gucci new

This multi-brand company has a strong international exposure and deals with its clients through DOS or direct operating stores scheme. Boards and CEOs are more tech-savvy than they once were, but they still don't always know the best questions to ask CIOs.

With the push for digital transformation they need to be armed with the right questions at the right time. Promotion concerning to price offers as introduction in the beginning of venture are important tactics can be used to influence consumer behavior in buying Gucci products.

Some other tactic can be used too in beginning of introduction the product to the new market such as price discount at the end of each month, buy one get one, membership special price and other strategy.

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