Phenomenon or trend essay

Then a light source: The pose is important. Knowing self-awareness is conveyed by the slight raise of an eyebrow, the sideways smile that says you're not taking it too seriously.

Phenomenon or trend essay

One essay option for this assignment: Speculating About Causes Write a paper speculating about the causes of an important or intriguing phenomenon or trend not an event or a fadexplaining to an audience of your choice WHY it has occurred.

Describe and identify your subject, demonstrate its existence with concrete evidence if necessary, and speculate about the possible causes of it.

Your purpose is not necessarily to prove that all your proposed causes are scientifically true, but to convince your readers that your proposed causes are the major ones and that they are plausible.

A trend is a significant change extended over months or years, typically identified by some sort of measurable increase or decrease i. While a trend indicates a significant change, a phenomenon, then, is a more of a stable state.

List all the possible causes and select the most promising ones. Do some research if you need more information. With your readers in mind, decide how to arrange the causes you have selected in order to make the most convincing explanation of your subject.

To achieve this, you must present evidence in support of each proposed cause and organize your causal arguments in a logical order that will be easy for your readers to follow.

Phenomenon or trend essay

Remember our in class discussion of maps vs. You want to give your audience a map of the essay first in your introduction and thesis statement. In other words, include a counterargument!- The aim of the present essay is to examine the strengths and the weaknesses of the “Informational Influence” theory and the “Cultural Value” theory, which are the two major theoretical accounts that attempted to explain the phenomenon of the risky-shift in group processes.

It should state the event, phenomenon, or trend that you want to explore in your essay. All of the other paragraphs should begin with topic sentences that explore one of the cause and effect aspects.

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Professional & Student Examples Writing the Body of the Paper Why are men so competitive? Source Thesis The question you ended your introduction with should be answered in the first sentence of your body paragraph.
How to Write Cause and Effect Essays | Owlcation Writing the Body of the Paper Why are men so competitive?
Phenomenon Term Paper Topics Check your paper NOW Cause and Effect Topics When selecting your topic for this essay, you should find an event, trend, or phenomenon that has a fairly obvious cause and effect.
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In the October example, you discuss the war's cause and effects in one paragraph. cause/effect essay on organ sales or trades Choose a trend or phenomenon related to the sale, trade, or donation of human organs.

The trend or phenomenon should have a . This new phenomenon of the selfie has already been turned into a work of art which is also a sort of visual essay: Richard Misrach's pm consists of him taking a telephoto shot of a. May 13,  · essay focuses on the topic of the celebrity phenomenon.

Celebrities impact everyone’s lives, whether through influence, role model or just because their faces are seen on television, magazines, billboards and so on. Causal Analysis Essay. Assignment: Explain and argue the causes of a situation (an event, a phenomenon, or a trend) that interests you. Narrow your topic enough to treat it in some detail.

When seeking causes, you must decide carefully between remote and immediate causes.

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