Reggae music essay

Name[ edit ] The verb dub is defined as making a copy of one recording to another. The process of using previously recorded material, modifying the material, and subsequently recording it to a new master mix, in effect doubling or "dubbing" the material, was utilized by Jamaican producers when making dubs. The most frequent meanings referred to either a form of erotic dance or sexual intercourse; [15] such usage is frequently present in names of reggae songs, for instance, of The Silvertones ' "Dub the Pum Pum" where pum pum is Jamaican slang for female genitaliaBig Joe and Fay's "Dub a Dawta" dawta is Jamaican slang for girlfriend. I-Roy 's "Sister Maggie Breast" features several references on sex:

Reggae music essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It has a very rich past and intriguingly unique start and a much awaited progress to a music full of potentials and influences. In fact, its development or groundwork is USA and African based.

Regga is a Bantu-speaking tribe in the Tanganyika lake. The reggae music specifically points toward a particular music style after the progress of ska and rocksteady and had its roots with regards to rhythm and blues style set apart by usual chops on the off-beat or the skank After sometime, reggae music further develops into a type of music with a unique lament-like style of chanting with a certain emphasis on the syncopated beat.

They created a certain style where they slowed down the tempo of ska.

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Reggae was popularized by Bob Marley worldwide. Harmonically, a simple song is created using one or two chords only where also simple repetitious chords create or increase the hypnotic effect of reggae. Bob Marley, in some of his songs or compositions, also created complex chord structures.

Through its development through time, reggae was able to have several subgenres. In comparison with other genres of music, reggae music is in the essence inverted the role of bass and guitar.

Guitar became the lead while the bass became the beat or gave the typical hiccupping pattern. Furthermore, this popular music of Jamaica, for all interest and purpose, is an experiential music. True historical experiences may be incorporated in the music of reggae, reflecting a certain stream of consciousness from the musicians.

Blake, Such experiential music, further creates an experimental opportunity for reggae producers.

Reggae music essay

Thus, such experimental pioneering under such certain limiting technological parameters lead to subgenres and later on, developed into other forms or genre of music. Such influence further lead to the development or creation of techno music.

This style was used by artists such as U-Roy and Dennis Alcapone. DJ or Deejay refers or can be synonymous to the word rapper or may be translated in American hip hop culture as MC. Oftentimes, toasting over raw and fast rhythms is included. The instruments in this subgenre are mainly electronic music and sampling.

It became popular among the youths, more specifically with the Latinos. Reggae rock is the combination of reggae and rock music. It is a fusion genre wherein different elements of the two genres are combined.

This fusion genre was used, played or incorporated in the music compositions of the bands Sublime and Sublime and later became known for their reggae rock fusion. There are a lot of fusions, combinations or other influences of reggae to other genre of music. And since reggae subjects include love, injustice, poverty and other social concerns, even Jewish music can be influenced by reggae music.

Such combination or blending of reggae music and Jewish music was done by a Hasidic Jew named Matisyahu.

Reggae music essay

Just like Matisyahu, there are a lot of new emerging reggae artists in the music industry. Not only in Jamaica will you find reggae artists. Some of the new artists that are to be looked forward unto are Luciano, Sean Paul, Pam Hall, Tanto Metro and Shaggy as they were given honorable mentions.

Reggae music does not only have future within the music industry, it also has its edge when it comes to expression of social issues. It is not only known worldwide because of its hypnotic tune but also of the issues that it tackles and introduces to the people.

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It has a soul on its own, having the power and liberating voice for the poor and oppressed. King, In the last thirty years, songs or reggae music with subjects regarding redemption and universal love are played by a lot of reggae artists.

Reggae music in the future might serve as national anthems or theme songs for programs and celebrations on liberation, freedom and human rights. This is not impossible.In this essay I will explore the ways that resistance is manifested in reggae music and describe examples of indigenous resistance in Jamaica and Mexico.

A strong example of indigenous resistance can be found in the Maroon communities of Jamaica. The paper will discuss the most alternative and religious music genre - as Reggae. It is closely connected with the Rastafarianism and has very deep historical roots, that will be unveiled in this research paper.

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Reggae History essaysHistory of Reggae and Caribbean Music. To this day there are many mixed disputes about the origin of the word reggae.

To Jamaican music fans of the late sixties and early seventies the term came from a song entitled "Do the Reggay" from legendary band Toots and Mayt.

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