Unit 101

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Unit 101

Background[ edit ] Following the Arab—Israeli WarIsrael was faced with cross-border raids and infiltrations by Arab militants and non-militants respectively.

Unit 101

Many of these were small scale infiltrations that consisted of unarmed Palestinian refugees attempting to rejoin their families and of smugglers bringing in contraband for Israeli markets. As a result the IDF did not have any units capable Unit 101 effective reprisal, and did not perform well in offensive operations.

Sharon was given the rank of Major and chosen to command the company-sized unit, with Shlomo Baum as deputy in command. The unit was to consist of 50 men, most of them former Tzanhanim and Unit 30 personnel.

The recruits went on forced marches and undertook weapons and sabotage training at their base camp at Satafa depopulated Arab village just west of Jerusalem.

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Before the formation of Unit only they undertook these missions. The tactics of Unit was politically very effective and soon the fighters simply could not keep up with the attrition.

The creation of Unit was a major landmark in the Israeli Special Forces history. Beside the Sayeret Matkalthey are considered to be the unit with the most influence on the Israeli infantry oriented units including both special and conventional units.

Membership in the unit was by invitation only, and any new member had to be voted on by all existing members before they were accepted. Unit suffered two wounded soldiers. Qibya massacre Inhabitants of Qibya coming back to their village after the attack.

Two months later, in October, the unit was involved in the raid into the village of Qibya in the northern West Bankthen a part of Jordan. During this operation that inflicted heavy damage on the Arab Legion forces in Qibya 42 villagers were killed, and 15 wounded.

The international outcry caused by the operation required a formal reply by Israel. The Israelis denied responsibility, claiming that Israeli settlers or a local kibbutz had carried out the raid on their own initiative.

This was done by merging the two together under the command of Ariel Sharon who was then promoted to the rank of Lt. Sharon became the commander of the merged brigade which was now composed of two battalions— and 88 and a few months later joined by reserve battalion which included ex members together with reserve paratroopers and NACHAL paratroopers.

A resident of Qibya at the ruins of his house after the attack by Israeli forces in October Sharon personally led the raid, codenamed Operation Black Arrow. It resulted in 42 Egyptian soldiers killed and 36 wounded, versus 8 Israeli dead.

Unit 101

Up to 20 such attacks were carried out between andculminating in the Qalqilya Police raid of October That is the main reason why Avraham Arnan formed the Sayeret Matkal in Nov 20,  · This condo located at S Gulfstream Avenue, Unit , Sarasota, FL is currently listed for sale with an asking price of $1,, This property was built in and has 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths with sq.


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Cactus Terrace, Unit # is currently listed for $, . The ACBL Unit web site gives information about session dates and times, results of sessions, club news, lessons and more. Unit Unit specialized in night raids and phony “reprisal raids.” General Dayan had said that Israel must “invent dangers” and “adopt the method of provocation and revenge.” So, Sharon, who was a quick learner, had his men provoke neighboring Arabs into doing something petty, then used that as an excuse to sneak across the.

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The 50s: Unit , Qibya, the Lavon Affair, the Suez War