Write a cheque centsational girl

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Write a cheque centsational girl

The Deconstruction of the West: A Warning Part 1 Turbulent times afoot! Is our fast-changing world changing for the better? Does your past suddenly embody 'the good old write a cheque centsational girl and you're starting to sound like your grandparents while your kids haven't even started high school yet?!

You are not alone on this. It is getting increasingly clear that the deconstruction of our modern Western civilisation has been masterminded from way above, by the nameless, faceless upper echelons of the multi-layered cake that symbolises the intricate hierarchical global governance nerve centre whose scope of influence and decision-making via institutions, institutes and foundations criss-cross regions, nations, continents, faiths and cultures in ways unfathomable by us the commoners.

Yet it appears that a warning of things to come had been intimated as far back as Minotaurgypsum sculpture by Emil Alzamora pict source If you are in your forties like I, you will have enough scope to be able to draw up a rough comparative study between what you remember from your childhood years in terms of societal environment and the way society has turned out to be.

Your elders will probably have brought enough food for thought to you through observations of their own. Compared to my early experience of it, I do not recognise the West - and this I say without exaggerating.

I had noticed a shift although I couldn't formulate it at the time as far as the early s, when disindustrialisation became prominent, and the textile, steel and coal industries were blitzed out of existence from their production centres. I witnessed it first hand in my French northern textile hometown of Saint-Quentin.

And it became increasingly apparent that political figures all the way up to the President had been complicit in the demise and let those production towns down like a bad memory: We were silenced, urged to get used to it sooner rather than later, there was no turning back.

The powers-that-be coined a word, a magic word, that would explain it all and reassure us, and most importantly which we could blame for all our misfortunes: They shifted the goalpost.

They pointed the finger at the unemployed and the soon-to-bes. Those were the culprits! They were criticised for having been too greedy, for demanding less working hours, better working conditions and higher standards of living.

Can you believe that it was ultimately their fault if the factory had to close down altogether or relocate its operations to the Far East?!

They had to pay the price and fellow countrymen became divided over the hot topic. And the bureaucrats nailed their despise for the Labour Force further by accusing the French of shunning factory work like it was beneath them.

That only foreign, emigrant workforce were willing to work on the assembly lines now. Another fallacy and a sure dividing point that would fracture further the nation. Rule of Thumb No. During the 'recession', swathes of working- and middle-class took a hit and lost their jobs before they could even save for a rainy day.

Those who yesterday i. They became redundant from work and from life. They were forced to exchange their usefulness, their skills, their craft, their trade, their experience, their diligence, their dedication, their pride, for a cheque from the government.

Forced to leave their neat little semi-detached whose mortgage they could afford no more for the 'joys' of subsidised housing, stacked up like unwanted goods on shelves. They had become unwanted goods. Now they had to learn to become invisible.

write a cheque centsational girl

Public-private partnership agencies mushroomed out of the woodwork. Those were supposed to come to the rescue of the unemployed.Woman cave is done Behold, my very own TV and reading room!

Nothing but vampire and romance movies are playing in here! This is the very first time I ever write a comment on the many posts I read, but yours is just AWSOME!! Every single detail is stunning! Centsational Girl. DIY Resin Top Desk 1 day ago Primitive & Proper. Lesli Devito. Mar 12,  · A story about money, mischief, love and entitlement, set in New York City.

Ruth Duffy is getting by on an assistant's salary at a pricey school for girls in Manhattan, managing to move /10(26). "I'll buy the shit out of the Ravenclaw box set with my first pay cheque as I'm now a broke teen." "Centsational Girl» Blog Archive 20 Harry Potter Party Ideas - Centsational Girl" I love the inside!

I think I'd leave the front plain or write "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" on it." "Make easy and fun Harry Potter crafts. It’s Kate from Centsational Girl visiting today in Kristen’s portrait series. I write about home decorating and good design with a lot of DIY projects thrown in too!

Recently I upgraded my master bedroom with some fresh paint and new linens, but one of the decorative accents that has always been present is a portrait from my wedding.

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