Write around portland anthology of poetry

Background Four New Poets featured poetry by four poets the editor described as "representing an articulate segment of a sometime-called 'silent generation'. At the time of publication, none of the poets were over the age of

Write around portland anthology of poetry

Resolute Bear Press What inspired you to launch this project? When my husband, Michael Brown, and I moved to Maine eleven years ago, we were drawn to the area around Passamaquoddy Bay. The 3 Nations Anthology was conceived in a much more hopeful time.

The nationalistic tone of the new administration made the call for dialogue among neighboring nations all the more critical. There are no arguments here, just neighbors writing about relationships, heritage, and the land they love and share. This book was meant to build bridges, not walls.

What does community mean to you? Community is one of those warm and encompassing words. A few years ago, I participated in a community project to build a birch bark canoe with Master Passamaquoddy artisan, David Moses Bridges.

Over the course of two weeks, David coordinated a group of eager people at all skill levels in a monumental undertaking as cedar, birch bark, and spruce roots were fashioned into an ocean-going birch bark canoe.

A community was built along with the canoe. Great things happen when people gather with purpose.

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Through this project friendships were built and a treasured craft and tradition was passed on. It has been heartening seeing the authors in 3 Nations Anthology get to know each other at readings, to share their stories and their lives, and create another community. What was your selection process for this anthology?

While selecting pieces for the anthology, I looked for real connections to the region, not drive-by missives from people who visited for the first time and felt compelled to write something up. The piece is about living in a hybrid zone on a Canadian island connected by bridge to the United States.

The border crossing is a part of life in a place where you have to cross the border to shop, gas up your car, or go to a bar. In the end, the pieces in the book seemed to select themselves. It seemed everyone already knew each other and were simply waiting for the invitation to come in and strike up a conversation with their neighbors.

write around portland anthology of poetry

Jane Karker, Maine Authors Publishing: For almost every book project that comes our way, Maine Authors Publishing has three priorities in the beginning of a project: The first priority is to do a proper editorial evaluation and perform professional editing and proofreading for each and every book that falls under our imprint.

The second priority is to keep the project affordable for the author. The third is to listen carefully to exactly what the author wants. Our three top priorities, starting from the beginning, are often at odds with one another; keeping that balance is always the biggest challenge.

There Has To Be Magic broke all of our usual molds. This project was different in many ways. For one thing, this is the first book we have ever produced that was fully edited and proofread before we received it.

Then we start the long journey of explaining the need for and expense of proper editing.This book shows teachers and students how to write free-verse poetry using peers' poetry as models. It is an excellent book and one that takes you through all the steps necessary to successfully teaching this type of poetry.

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The Poets and Poetry of Europe. portland, maine upper . Home page for Haiku Northwest, a friendly haiku poetry group that meets monthly in the Seattle area -- everyone welcome! When You Were Fifteen: Why Adults Matter by Write Around Portland and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at leslutinsduphoenix.com In this poetry collection, John Sibley Williams explores the inner and outer landscapes encountered on a journey to Iceland.

and short fiction in front of art objects that inspired these writings. Participants may include members of Write Around Portland, Literary Arts’ Writers in the Schools, and the Portland State University writing.

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